Zoo Med Tropical Bioactive Substrate Kit

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc

The term “bioactive” is used to describe a miniature ecosystem created in a terrarium or vivarium.  In a functional bioactive habitat, small invertebrates (aka clean-up crew) break down waste from your pet to make nutrients available for live plants to consume. This incredible living network forms a balance that can reduce maintenance of your habitat while enhancing natural appearance. 

The right substrate mix is critical to a successful bioactive habitat.  The contents of this kit were carefully selected. to help your pets, plants, and clean-up crew collectively flourish.



A special blend of humus, peat moss, sand, and carbon create the perfect bioactive base to support plants, soil critters, and beneficial microbes

Terrarium Moss

All natural North American sphagnum moss prevents soil compaction and slowly releases moisture to help create a stable, high-humidity environment.

Leaf Litter

Catappa leaves provide shelter and nutrients for your clean-up crew.

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