Nylabone Power Play Ring Thing Floatable Dog Toy


Power up playtime with Power Play Dog Toys from Nylabone! The versatile Ring Thing combines a variety of materials and play patterns to create your furry friend’s new favorite in interactive dog toys. The grippy textured ring is made of a flexible plastic material and the tassels are constructed of durable double-layered canvas, making it a tough dog toy perfect for teasing, tugging, and tickling. Get ready to take your dog to the beach, lake, or favorite body of water because this dog ring toy also floats! Fun to throw by the ring or the tassel, the soft material of this dog fetch toy is easier and safer for your furry friend to catch. Plus, the ring design has a raised oval center that makes it even simpler for your dog to catch and pick up. Designed in colors that are highly visible to our four-legged friends, this blue and yellow dog toy offers hours of playing potential! Tug harder, soar farther, and play harder with the Original Ring Thing!

  • Floating dog toy perfect for outdoor fling, fetch, and tug games
  • Easy for dogs and humans to pick up from any angle
  • Durable dog toy with tough tease-and-tug tassels
  • Yellow and blue dog toy specially designed in high-visibility colors for dogs
  • 7-inch dog ring toy made of flexible plastic material and canvas

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