Exotic Nutrition Gummivore-Fare Sugar Glider Food (8 oz)

Exotic Nutrition

Exotic Nutrition developed Gummivore-Fare as an easy to feed, acacia gum supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders, Marmosets, Tamarins, and other gum-feeding mammals (gumivores).

  • Pure acacia gum (in jell form) is 100% all-natural, has no preservatives, and is ready to feed.
  • Gummivore-Fare is a supplemental food, and should not be offered as the sole food source. Feed along with a balanced diet plan.
  • Gliders spend about half their time in the wild feeding on gum from the acacia trees, it is a very important carbohydrate source for them.
  • Gliders and Marmosets can't resist this food which is native to their homeland and natural diet.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Offer approximately ½ tbsp (½ ice cube) of Gummivore-Fare as a treat no more than 3 days per week, along with a nutritional diet.

STORAGE: Once opened, store jar foods airtight in your refrigerator. They will store refrigerated for approximately 7-10 days. 



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