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Nature Zone Gecko (Fruit Eating) Bites (9 oz)

Nature Zone

Gecko (Fruit Eating) Bites are available in 4 sizes

  • The 2 oz., our "Snack Pak" is a starter size for those who are unsure whether or not
    their gecko will eat a prepared food. And for use by a "Pet Sitter" when you are away.
  • The 9 oz. & 24 oz are our Gecko (Fruit Eating) Bites for juveniles & adults.
  • The Gallon is for those of you who have several geckoes.
    It is available the usual cut form or as a solid bulk
    from which you can scoup out what you need.
    Because there are no air voids you get up to 1/3rd more in the uncut gallon.

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